The Student Health Centre

Guildowns Group Practice is a large NHS practice, running four sites within the Guildford area. For students Guildowns Student Health Centre is located in University Court near the East (City) entrance of the University.

For dental treatment or eyesight tests, please consult a dentist or optician respectively. You can find opticians and NHS dentists in Guildford on the NHS Choices website via the ‘Find and choose services’ link. We advise you do this as soon as possible. For an emergency dental service call 111.


In partnership with the University of Surrey, we encourage all students to register with a local GP as they arrive at University. This will ensure you are on the GP system in order to access health care easier and quicker.

Registering at Guildowns you will be able to book appointments at all sites and may be required to be seen at another site for particular services i.e. urgent appointment.

How To Register

You will need to complete an online registration form to register for the Student Health Centre.

It will take approximately 5 working days to process your registration request.

Please be aware that when registering on line you are consenting for us to check with the University registry that you are a student.

Booking an Appointment

Before booking an appointment, please visit our Treatment Room. It includes information about common conditions and who it is best to see. Our nurses can deal with many problems, and if needed refer you on to the doctor. Sometimes it can be helpful to visit the pharmacy first, for advice and over-the-counter medications.

In order to improve access for our patients, we also offer GP telephone consultations and nurse telephone triage.

We can then either deal with your enquiry over the telephone or book an appropriate appointment for you.

If you need an appointment please contact us via our Consulting Room, where we may be able to deal with your query via our online service, or offer telephone advice via a call back, or you can call: 01483 409309

Please remember to cancel your appointment if you don’t need it, so someone else may use it. If you give us your mobile number when you register, we will try to text you to confirm your appointment and to remind you the evening before. This service is not guaranteed.

You will need to inform us if you change your address or telephone number by completing our online Change of Personal Details form.

Guildowns Group Practice – Student Health Centre

University of Surrey

Telephone: 01483 409309


Emergency Assistance (Campus)

If you require emergency assistance, please dial 3333 (on campus) or 01483 683333 (off campus).

If You Are Taking Regular Medication

After registering with us, please contact us via our Consulting Room with details of your medication and past medical history, so we can arrange a review of this. If you are under specialist follow up and need a transfer of care locally, then please also provide details of this and if possible bring copies of your last clinic letters with you when you come to University. If taking oral contraception book with a contraceptive nurse to continue your care, or if you have been prescribed it from a UK GP previously, please fill in the contraception request form at reception.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a contraceptive pill review please complete our online Contraceptive Pill Review form.

Meningitis Vaccination

If you are attending university for the first time and are aged 24 and under, you should ensure that you have received a Meningitis ACWY vaccine prior to commencing your studies.

If you have not received this vaccine, please see your home GP before coming to Guildford or, if already in Guildford, speak to a member of the practice team about how you can obtain the vaccination as soon as possible. If you have any questions relating to this, or you are unsure if you require the vaccine, please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice.

Meningitis is a medical emergency, if the following signs and symptoms are experienced; please contact medical services via the health centre team or through security as a matter of urgency:

  • Fever (cold hands/warm feet)
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Stiff neck
  • Dislike of bright lights
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Drowsy, difficult to wake
  • Confusion
  • Rash

Meningitis is a medical emergency, on campus call 3333 for security or if off campus 111 if meningitis is suspected.

MMR Vaccination

It is also important that you are fully vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella as these viruses can spread quickly when young people are living in close contact.

If you have missed one of both doses of MMR vaccine when you were younger, you can be given two doses of the MMR vaccine to protect you.

Check with your home GP if you are not sure whether you have had the MMR vaccine. If in doubt, go ahead and have it. Even if you have had it before, it won’t harm you to have a second or even third of the vaccination.

Extenuating Circumstances (EC) Letter Requests

For extenuating circumstances (EC) letter requests, please call the Student Health Centre on 01483 409309 to book a telephone appointment with the doctor.

After the consultation and once the request is approved, please download/complete the EC request form and email to the Students Health Centre Please call Wodeland Surgery or Students Health Centre to pay the fee of £20 via card payment over the phone on 01483 409309.

The request will take 5 working days to process and we will email you to let you know when the letter is ready to collect.

Letters for tutors, Accommodation and Parking

You will need to speak to a GP regarding these requests. This is a non -NHS service and therefore a fee is applicable.

You will need to complete a form at reception and pay the required fee prior to the letter being sent. A list of all non-NHS fees is available at reception.

We aim to process and send letters within 5 working days of the form being completed. Tutor letters are only needed for mitigating circumstances for exam board purposes.


As an NHS patient, we will not charge you for a normal consultation, but we will apply standard NHS fees where applicable. We will also charge for additional services that we provide and are not covered by the NHS. The list of fees can be provided at reception.

To reduce our costs, and consequently the fee to you, we ask for payment in advance and will give you a receipt on payment.

When The Student Health Centre Is Closed

The Student Health Centre is open in term time only. If you need to see a doctor when The Student Health Centre is closed, you can phone 111 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, phone 01483 409309 in surgery hours (Monday to Friday 08:00 to 18:30).

Emergency Assistance

If you require emergency assistance, please dial 3333 (on campus) or 01483 683333 (off campus).

Accidents and Emergencies

The Royal Surrey County Hospital also provides an Accident and Emergency (A&E) service. In a medical emergency you can access urgent paramedical help by calling 999. Please use this only for true accidents and emergencies.

Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD or Autism

If you have any queries regarding possible Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD or Autism, please click here for information from the Disability and Neuro-diversity (DND) team.

Sexual Violence Liaison Officers

The University of Surrey and the Students’ Union have four Sexual Violence Liaison Officers (SVLOs). SVLOs are trained in taking disclosures of historic or new incidents of sexual violence and are equipped to provide you with the support you need. Please click here for further details.