Non-NHS Fees


LGV (HGV), PSV, Hackney Carriage £80 excluding eye desk
Sports medical £100
Employment examination and report £120
Private patient consultation and private prescription From £50
House call for private patient From £100
Private GP signature only £25

Signed Forms and Letters (OTC from patients)

Holiday cancellation (BUPA, PPA etc. or similar – if no access to notes required) £40
Short letter for patient. Fitness to travel/fly etc. From £30
Camp America £100 appt. needed
University letters – accomodation/parking/tutor or IEC £20 for student
Disabled Students Allowance forms £10 for student
Court of protection £100

Reports to 3rd Parties (extracts from records)

Short letter report (no copies of notes) e.g. employment, insurance, solicitor etc.From £60 – £179 Per Hour

Solicitors £50 max*
Army £60 + copies

Access to Medical Records

Patient computer printout Free
Copies of letters etc. Free
To view manual records with chaperone Free
Print out of blood results/immunisation records Free


Hep A Free
Tetanus / Polio / Diptheria Free
Typhoid Free
Hep B £40
Meningitis ACWY £70
Private prescription (e.g. Anti-Malarial) £20

*Fee dependent upon reason for the request. Please speak with a member of the management team for further information.